Achieve Today. Excel Tomorrow. 2016 - 2021 Strategic Plan

Core Beliefs and commitments

We, as the AISD Board of Trustees Believe:

1) Each student can succeed at or above grade level, with equal access to do so
  We commit that:

    - Everything we do will support teaching and learning
    - All district activities will be measured by their ability to increase the academic achievement of students across the district in the most effective and efficient manner
    - The academic achievement gap will be eliminated while maintaining rigor and increasing overall student performance.
    - Access to a quality education will be provided regardless of ethnicity, family income, gender, native language, special needs or area of residence.
    - We will allocate resources to ensure equity for each student to reach his/her full potential

2) AISD can provide the appropriate environment for exceptional student achievement
  We commit that:

    - Students will be educated in a safe and secure environment
    - State of the art technology will be utilized at every opportunity to meet the needs of our 21st century learners
    - Indoor and outdoor spaces will be optimized for high academic, artistic, and physical achievement

3) Success is the only acceptable outcome
  We commit that:

    - Students will graduate prepared to enter the workforce or college of their choice
    - AISD will help students develop into well rounded citizens who appreciate their community
    - Every learner, employee, and Trustee will be accountable to themselves and our community.
    - AISD Board of Trustees will govern in an efficient and effective manner in the best interest of all students.
    - AISD will be the employer of choice
    - Clear communication and mutual respect will be incorporated into every aspect of the AISD.

4) Engagement and collaboration with community partners are essential
  We commit that:

    - We will improve the educational outcomes of our learners by garnering support and involvement from parents and family members, caregivers, community citizens, businesses, elected and appointed officials, civic and faith-based organizations, higher education institutions, and medical and social service agencies
    - A clear focus on engaging and collaborating with community partners will be maintained at all times when developing learning opportunities for students

5) The highest levels of district performance can be achieved with a strategic plan and clearly defined goals that set high expectations.
  We commit that:

    - We will develop a strategic plan with community, staff, and student input to provide a clear vision for the future of AISD
    - We will continuously monitor and promote district goals.
    - Superior instruction and high achievement will be the focus of every plan and goal.


Student Performance

    - AISD will be a high performing school district with an enriched and relevant PK-12 curriculum that promotes creativity, critical thinking and achievement while exceeding state and federal standards.
    - AISD will have an exceptional completion rate and will graduate prepared to enter the workforce or college of their choice.
    - AISD will provide the appropriate environment for exceptional achievement for all students.
    - AISD will offer all students a wide range of school sponsored activities outside of the classroom.
    - AISD will ensure that all students have an abundant opportunity to form a strong foundation in ethics and character development.


AISD will engage the community stakeholders with an active and collaborative partnership to augment educational excellence, workforce development and quality neighborhoods. Parents, teachers, students and community members will be active partners in the district’s education of students.


AISD will use strategic plans to be fiscally responsible and efficiently use all resources – human, time and monetary to support student achievement.


AISD, as the employer of choice, will recruit and retain the best people by rewarding excellence and providing opportunities for continual professional growth.


AISD will have a pervasive culture of safety and respect. AISD will have and maintain world class facilities that provide the strongest foundation for students to be leaders in a global economy.


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